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Backbone.BBCloneMail A reference application for Backbone.Marionette

Copyright (C)2012 Derick Bailey, Muted Solutions, LLC Distributed Under MIT License

Documentation and Full License Available at: http://github.com/derickbailey/backbone.bbclonemail http://github.com/derickbailey/backbone.marionette


BBCloneMail.module("Routing", function(Routing, BBCloneMail, Backbone, Marionette, $, _){

Public API

The showRoute method is a private method used to update the url's hash fragment route. It accepts a base route and an unlimited number of optional parameters for the route: showRoute("foo", "bar", "baz", "etc");.

  Routing.showRoute = function(){
    var route = getRoutePath(arguments);
    Backbone.history.navigate(route, false);

Helper Methods

Creates a proper route based on the routeParts that are passed to it.

  var getRoutePath = function(routeParts){
    var base = routeParts[0];
    var length = routeParts.length;
    var route = base;

    if (length > 1){
      for(var i = 1; i < length; i++) {
        var arg = routeParts[i];
        if (arg){
          route = route + "/" + arg;

    return route;